What Are Women’s Unspoken Expectations?


Society has a very hard time with women. Not, because they are less intelligent or less capable, but because they have other things going on in their lives. I mean society has a hard time with women because we expect them to be so very different from what society wants. When we say it is the “wait until marriage” mentality, or “Will you be my dog forever?” Mentality, society has set us up for failure.

So, what is it that makes certain society thinks that the woman you choose to date or go out with has to be an “easy lay”? A friend once said that it was not what you do but how you do it that matters, and because of this we as a society have set up and accepted this expectation. Society has set us up with expectations that go against our natural instincts.Society wants us to give out our hearts to the first guy who makes us feel like he will be “good enough” for us, and we are willing to do whatever it takes just to get him. We do whatever we have to do to maintain that high regard for ourselves and for our men. Society teaches us that it is better to be alone than to risk losing the man we are “supposed” to have.

Society would have us believe that certain traits are more desirable to men than other traits. Society would tell us that you are supposed to be beautiful, or clever, or sophisticated, or a good dancer, or rich, or good at sports, and that the only reason we are not dating the top dogs is because we are not getting the right guy for us. All of these things are part of the expectations. All of these things are excuses for society to create a specific kind of woman that it wants.Women are treated differently by society than men. Women are perceived as weak, and we do not become stronger or braver. We are not allowed to be proud, we are not allowed to play the field, we are not allowed to throw away our pride for a man. It is not our place to ask questions, and we are told we should just “love him all the way.”

Society tells us that men are strong, and we should be after some kind of woman and love a certain man just because he is a man. This idea is only accepted when a man is able to convince society that he is strong and successful.Society expects us to be more focused than any other woman, and it tells us that a woman that is not focused needs a man to bring her back to herself. It takes a certain kind of woman to be more focused than anything else. Society tells us that we must be less feminine than we are naturally. We are supposed to be less vulnerable, and more self-reliant.

All of these expectations are to be expected if we are to date only women. If we are to be kept apart from men, then the only way for us to have true love is to never open our hearts to a man. We should be “grown up” and not risk giving up who we are. We should not be “loved all the way” for a reason.